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Sharing knowledge is fun: I wrote more than 200 pages in automotive and sailing magazines.
Some examples:

Increasing margin in car dealerships with car accessories
expert contribution in the print magazine "Autohaus", March 2002

Brand building of car dealerships

expert contribution for private manufacturer-dependent car dealerships in the magazin Autohaus, August 2005

The history of yacht building (part 1-3)
Multi part story in the print magazine "Segeln", 2004, PDF Part 3 >>

The form of the movement - hull design of motor yachts
expert contribution simplified for motor boat owner, Ocean-Magazin, February 2009, PDF >>

Trimming and handling of sailing yachts (part 1-4)
Light wind, medium wind, heavy wind, gennaker/spinnaker sailing.

Multi part story in the print magazine "Segeln", 2008, PDF heavy wind >>

Sailing with children
Own experience with scientific contribution (Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther), Segeln-Magazin, July 2009,
PDF >>

The history of NORDSEEWOCHE
The history of Germany´s most famous offshore race, 1922-2012, Segler-Zeitung, May 2012

Pro bono
1999 - 2019 many lectures/dissertations about communication, marketing, social media, ...
2004 - 2019 several lectures/dissertations sail trim/maneuvers, working as a sail trainer
2002 - 2003 consultant/coach Haspa-McKinsey-Startup competition
2002 - 2006 honorary work for Hamburg chamber of commerce as a startup marketing coach


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