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Self-improvement with speeches, presentations ... and teaching.

When you give people something, you usually get something back. I love giving lectures, it is a pleasure to make people happy through the transfer of knowledge. 2002 I´ve started with my first presentation concerning sailing and the assets for your start-up in the chamber of commerce in Hamburg - in front of more than hundred people. I´ve got a great response despite my excitement and poor retorical performance.

1997 - 2019 enabling education and teaching of media designers at GentCom GmbH
1999 - 2019 many lectures/dissertations about communication, marketing, social media, ...
2004 - 2019 several lectures/dissertations sail trim/maneuvers, working as a sail trainer
2012 - 2015 organizing and speaking at the international yacht performance forum in Hamburg
2002 - 2006 honorary work as speaker in Hamburg chamber of commerce


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