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Aeolos P30 Technical Data & Price

Aktualisiert: 15. Dez. 2020

Speedy carbon yacht for a budget price.

The Aeolos P30 is long lasting fast allround hull design for a short and medium distance racer and typical Baltic Sea and Solent conditions - windspeeds 12-14 knots average. The CFD calculations proofed that a single rudder and a close eye on wetted surface is very fast under this conditions - faster than double rudders.

This boat don´t follow marketing driven design or rating trends. Sure, the rating issues is important and will be very well optimized, but not on the cost of hull performance. The ORC rule become better and better, and it means producing waste if you produce a rule breaker.

- simple, reliable, light.

- quick to assemble (without crane), easy to transport

- single/double hand (OSR2) and inshore racing with six

- CE-Norm Category B (offshore), upgrade to A with additional equipment possible

- length: 9,14m

- width: 2,95m

- 1.505t empty but rigged boat without sails and motor

- 1,980t double hand full equipped for 3 days saling with 160kg Crew

- ballast ratio: 50% (800kg)

- draft: 2,2m - 0,5m

Sailarea (still in ORC optimization process)

- jib 21,9 sqm

- main 37,2 sqm

- upwind 59,1 qm

- 115sqm gennaker


- Full carbon sandwich (epoxy/vacuum infusion)

- outside ALEXSEAL Paint on high build Epoxy Primer

- inside visible carbon or white lacquered

- CFD and Rating optimized by renowned partners

- Structural Engineering/CE certification made in Germany


- lifting keel with carbon fin and lead bomb

(goes through the cabin roof for transport)

- lifting rudder in cassette with carbon tiller


- Pauger divisible carbon mast

tube weight 22.6kg, total weight with fittings/spreaders ex rigging 37kg

- ROD or Dyeema Rigging

- Carbon boom

- Carbon bowsprit, foldable (harbour) and removable (transport)

- Halyards: Gennaker (top), Code 0 (top), Main (1:2), Jib, Cutter stay


- removable Motor plug prepared for E-POD drive

also possible to add an simple 3-6 HP outboard engine in the plug

5 HP are sufficient for up to 7 knots speed

- blind plug - if the motor is removed no resistance during saling

Fittings general

- very high-quality fittings, rather oversized

- Marlow ropes (Grand Prix quality)

- 4 self tailing winches

- backstays with high load ball bearing blocks

- starboard clutch: Gennaker halyard, Main Halyard, Cutter stay, Code 0 tackline

- port clutch: Code 0 halyard, Jib Halyard, Gennaker tackline

Mainsail handling/trim

- oversized traveller system

- mainsheet system 1:4, 1:18, 1:16 ratio

- cunningham 1:8

- boon vang both side adjustable

- main halyard with reef loops

- 2 reefs

Jib handling/trim

- 3D jib bearing on long tracks

- dyneema jib traveller

- jib tack adjustment

- cutter jib halyard high load

Downwind sails handling/trim

- 2 gennaker/code 0 sheeting systems

- 2 gennaker/Code0 mast top halyards

- 2 barber hauler with 3 padeye positions each side

- gennaker trompet wit ball bearing tube in the hatch hole

- gennaker bag in cabin entrance

EUR 84.000,- without Tax More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS


Additional options

- Pod or Outboard between keel and rudder removable with blind plug

- Kitchen module (carbon, removable)

- Cooling module

- Toilet module (carbon, removable)

- Tubular bunks (carbon, removable)

- Foreship mattresses

- LiFePo battery

- Electronics package

- Autopilot

- Life rafts 2 or 6 persons

- Backstay jammers

- jib halyard with mast lock

Additional transport options

With this options it´s possible to launch the boat without crane and help.

- Tilt slip trailer (width 2.5m) 2.5t - no permission in Italy neccessary

- Mast laying device

- rudder bag

More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS

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