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Fine tuning. Perfection in details.

Aktualisiert: 15. Dez. 2020

By looking at every little detail, success grows. In the last weeks we are optimizing the boat with several teams in following areas:

- Speed: Hull Design for 12-14 knots of wind and short and medium distance racing.

- Rating optimization: The ORC rule works quite well, but there´s still room for optimization

- Weight/safety: A strong, reliable yacht at low weight - Handling: handling advantages have no influence on the rating

- Recreation: We put our focus on recreation while sailing, especially in bad weather - Transport: reducing campaign costs

- Production: The price for basic boat has to be 84.000 EUR without taxes

- Sales & Service: We care about our customers and strive for a long and good relationship. More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS We are addicted to work in a team - to achieve the best results.


The boat is designed for shorthanded sailing with a crew of two, and for medium (up to 500 mile/2-3 days) and short distances. But the boat can be sailed with a crew of 5-6 round the cans like in Cowes, or single hand like Silverrudder. The typical windspeed for Baltic Sea and Solent is 12-14 knots.

We tested various modifications of the hull with more rocker and/or more volume in the middle section with different fins and rudders. For all variations we are checking the influence on the rating.

Trimm target is to sail the boat in the constructive/design heel angle of 25-30 degrees. At this angle, the keel bulb generates an enormous uprighting moment, which means that the sails produce a lot of momentum, forward driving power. Upwinds the long rudder leads to a lot more lift due to the 2,5-5 degrees rudder angle. For the crew, this means living on boat which is usually heeled most of the time, starting with 8-12 knots of wind.

More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS


Rating optimization

The first ORC measurement certificate - still without rating optimization - shows that my design will most likely to be very fast: GPH 550 (2 crew members) - 30 points less than the Farr280 (with 5 crew members).

Here are some comparison values, so that you can classify the ship. But now we have added a wider fin, longer rudder, modified the lines plan, changed the main shape and come to a solution that will be faster upwind, a little slower downwind, even more good natured and with a GPH of 581 :-)

Afterwards we will work at the IRC rating, here are some thoughts concerning this topic >>



With Solico in the Netherlands we have a very experienced and innovative partner. They have done some crazy projects with composite materials and are on the same "wavelength".

We have already discussed many detailed solutions. We are working on a new production method for the keel without interruption the fibres on the whole structure, from top to bulb, also in the transition from fin to bulb. Our aim is to prevent the loss of the keel or bulb even under extreme conditions.

The boat comply with the World Sailing/ISAF OSR (Offshore Sailing Regulations), ISO 12215 Category A, we provide written statements signed by the designer and builder confirming that they have respectively designed and built the boat in accordance with the ISO standard.

Brainstorming ... classic drawing is still the fastest. If the detailed solutions are discussed with the engineers, (internal and Solico), we add them into 3D. Finally the forces will be calculated and then we start the very most detailed laminate plans.

More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS



Team: Hans Genthe, his race crew, and feedback from the sailing world

To improve the light wind performance, the Aeolos P30 can be easily trimmed with crew weight. We optimzed the cockpit layout of the Aeolos P30 for three main downwind and upwind crew positions for light (green), medium (blue) and heavy (orange) wind.

Downwind with light wind the Crew stands beside the mast and is sheeting the gennaker directly without winch. The helmsman sits leeward, steering with the telescopic tiller extension.

In heavy winds the crew uses the backstay winch behind the helmsman. The backstay in only necessary for trimming. Downwinds the backstay can be jammed.

More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS



The interior is simple and efficient. We put our focus on recreation during sailing, especially in bad weather. VR - virtual reality is a very big help to find an ergonomic concept: What an experience.... I was able to explore the Aeolos 30 inside, sitting on the toilet, moving through the virtual boat. I am really impressed and excited about this technology. And I am happy to work together with a designer who brings in many different and new experiences (automotive). We are checking the ergonomic aspects upright and with a 30 degrees heel.

More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS



During a three year sailing campaign the running costs are usually higher than the costs of buying the boat. We have spent a lot of time to reduce the time. Time means money or you will miss it as sailing/training time. No crane costs. You can launch the boat at a beach - if the sand is hard enough.

The boat fits in a open 40" container.

Due to this reasons the boat is ultra-transportable: - mast laying device and divisible mast - retractable keel and rudder - removable, folding bowsprit - tilt trailer (no permission for Italy/Lake Garda necessary)



Team: Aeolos Yachts, Solico

The price for basic boat has to be 84.000 EUR without tax. That was our goal, promise and we stick to it. But that means clean processes and modern machinery. In the United Arab Emirates we have perfect production facilities.

Milling machines up to 26m bed length, vacuum infusion technology, CNC metal workshop and enough space - air conditioned.

More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS


Sales & Service

Team: Aeolos Yachts, stockmaritime, Hamburg Yachten, Quant Yachts

Sales contracts, warranty conditions, dealer network ... that means a lot of work, too. We want to serve our clients around the world from the United Arab Emirates without delay, so we are setting up a network of agents and service points. Further steps: - We will prepare One Design Class rules. - Interior details will be published soon. More Information: AEOLOS YACHTS

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